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Experienced Staff.

Diverse Services. Real Solutions.

McDaniel Contractor Services, LLC performs a wide array of services for its commercial contractors. With our experienced field and management staff, we can tackle any project. Solving problems is what we do best. This list represents some of the more common services provided, but the full expanse of our services may be tailored to meet the needs of each project.


Gypsum Wallboard Systems

Includes light gauge metal framing, insulation, exterior sheathing and gypsum wallboard.  This is the historic core of the company business.


Acoustical and Specialty Ceilings

All types of suspended acoustical and wood ceiling systems including high-end architectural designer-grade installations and security-rated projects.


Column Covers

Both interior and exterior installations of primarily nonstructural architectural columns.


Acoustical Wall Panels

Installation of all types of panels for sound and aesthetic improvements on walls and ceiling surfaces.



Installation of traditional plaster to include walls, ceilings and all types of traditional and modern architectural trim and embellishments.


Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)

This product replaces the traditional cement stucco and combines superior insulation properties for an ideal exterior building cladding when installed properly using a fully approved drainage system.  Used also as an accent treatment for other building facades, replacing trims that would otherwise be done in wood, stone or masonry.



Installing the traditional cement product when specified and appropriate.


Architectural Specialties

This encompasses a wide range of related products that usually define the trim an high-end architectural elements of a building’s façade, such as columns, balustrade and cornice trim.  Using primarily custom-molded fiberglass and occasionally aluminum, these products are rapidly replacing wood and precast stone products and are superior in many ways, including maintenance.

Commercial Flooring

Installing the whole range of commercial flooring products including carpet, wood, ceramic tile, quarry tile, marble and vinyl-composition tile.


Installing the whole range of products usually included in Division 10 including bath accessories, toilet partitions, fire extinguishers, lockers, mailboxes, corner guards, wire shelving, mini blinds, projection screens and visual display boards. We also install cabinetry and countertops.

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