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Excellent Service.

On Schedule & On Budget.

Customer satisfaction is key to repeat business and our company's success. We are an organization with a long list of accomplishments.  Management infuses optimism and ambition into the company – tempered with a sense of realism – that leads employees to know that anything is possible.  The combination of skilled, dedicated employees, a strong management team, and a reputation for delivering quality work at a fair price ensures a bright future for our clients.

Our Safety Philosophy

At McDaniel Contractor Services, LLC, we understand that in order to offer the greatest level of customer service, we must deliver the highest quality product in the safest manner possible.  We feel a moral obligation to our workforce, as well as to our customers, to maintain a safe workplace.  


Our Corporate philosophy is, “If you cannot do it safely, don’t do it.”  We strongly promote a “Target Zero” work environment.  We do this by:

  • Compliance with all federal, state, local, general contractor, and McDaniel safety policies

  • Instilling in all employees that hazard awareness, accident prevention, and safe work practices are their responsibility

  • Employing a dedicated full-time safety professional to manage our safety program

  • Promoting a safe environment of continuous improvement through training

  • Clearly communicating responsibilities and accountability

Our Story

McDaniel Contractor Services, LLC was founded in 1985 by four brothers realizing the great American dream of business ownership.  Under the leadership of Clyde McDaniel, the company accepted an offer from Masco Corporation to acquire the business in December 2007.  In December 2012, Sarah and Cory Redifer and George McDaniel, a founding owner, purchased the business from Masco. George McDaniel retired from the business in March 2015. McDaniel Contractor Services, LLC started as and is once again a locally owned and managed business.    


 In 1985, McDaniel Contractor Services primarily serviced the residential drywall market.  Over the years and as the markets changed, McDaniel Contractor Services became more focused on commercial construction. Today, McDaniel Contractor Services is focused 100% on commercial, industrial, and institutional construction, specializing in Division 9 and 10 construction services located in and around Central Virginia.  We are licensed and bonded in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.


Our strength is in our numbers. Our experienced project management team, amassing over 255 years of construction experience, estimating, and support staff, is squarely focused on customer satisfaction and retention. Our goal is not to be the biggest but to simply be the best. 


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